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Tell Me About the Exhibition

The traveling exhibition, "The Life and Times of Congressman Robert Smalls," is traveling to museums, universities, and historical sites around the country. Bookings have been made in South Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Georgia. The traveling exhibition featuring the life and times of Congressman Robert Smalls includes:

  • furniture from the "big house" where Smalls and his mother were enslaved,
  • scaled replicas of the CSS Planter and the USS Keokuk, the two ships that Robert Smalls piloted during the Civil war,
  • a replica of the musket owned by Robert Smalls,
  • 60 letters written by Robert Smalls to Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Carter G. Woodson, President Garfield and other dignitaries of his time,
  • Photographs of his house in Beaufort, SC, his immediate family and descendants through the generations;
  • copies of the legislation that created the first public schools in South Carolina, the South Carolina Public Accommodations Act and the US legislation that created Parris Island Marine Base, all submitted by Robert Smalls during his public life in the South Carolina Legislature and The US Congress.
The exhibition also includes Robert Smalls':
  • walking cane,
  • newspaper articles dating back to 1862,
  • pictures on a 32" digital picture frame of the LSV-8 MG Robert Smalls, the largest army transport ship of its kind, which was commissioned into active duty on September 15, 2007,
  • books,
  • and other memorabilia that illustrates the life and times of Robert Smalls.

Leasing of the exhibition includes rights to an ongoing screening of part IV of the PBS series, "Slavery and the Making of America," which features a dramatization of the Congressman Robert Smalls, including the taking of the CSS Planter and his career as a legislator. A collage by renown artist, James Denmark, symbolizes the theme of the exhibition and may be used on memorabilia in gift shops.


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